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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Well, no, she doesn't, actually!

I do do GANTT charts, budget sheets showing variances and calculate NPV. In other words, the latest college project is done.

And will it help me be a better writer? Who knows, Grasshopper?

Little things are bubbling away:
  • My sister and I might try a Mills & Boon together - she loves them.
  • I have 3 chapters and a synopsis ready that might revamp as a Little Black Dress
  • I have a complete novel (about a florist) that needs SOMETHING doing with it - revamping perhaps.
  • Maybe it's time I rang up My Weekly Story Collection. They have had a novella for nearly 18 months - and have ignored 3 emails and a snail mail. What is happening to it?
  • I am determined to get a place at college to do a PGCE in Creative Writing, which means passing my degree, which means GANTT charts etc were the right thing to do this week. Maybe.


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