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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How to make Simple Book Covers for Kindle

Nobody liked the flower covers so I am now looking for photos with people on. The heroine of this romance is an eco-warrior, and there is a scene that takes place in a tree house, so I thought it would fit the mood of the book.  I do not know why this photo distorted, but once I've found out how to fix that, the process of making a book cover for Kindle seems to be:
  1.  Find a royalty free photo that allows commercial use (this photo is from http://www.sxc.hu/)
  2. Then load a free online software editor and find the poster function (this one is made by Phixr)
  3. Change the poster colour to suit the mood, and hey presto - a cover!
PS: (Feb 2012) - I think you can see from the book covers that I'm currently using that it's possible to do much better!
1. I now only use photos from Morguefile because they are all free to use for commercial use - other sites have some restrictions and it's so disappointing when you find the perfect photo, do all that clicking, and then find you can't use it!
2. I have learnt to understand layers. All I do is have one layer with the photograph, another with the title, and a third with my name. You can do this in a free programme such as Gimp. I use Phototshop.

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    Sophie said...

    Loved the post. Will buy the device and I know it will be a good one. Can you help me find good Kindle covers?