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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Best Way to Advertise E-Books

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Her Guardian Angel by Louise Armstrong

Her Guardian Angel

by Louise Armstrong

Giveaway ends September 03, 2011.
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at Goodreads.

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I know very little about marketing, but it's already clear to me that my books will not sell in any useful numbers on the Internet unless people know that they are out there. So, what's the best way to market or advertise an e-book?

I started by considering how advertising affects me - I don't even look at adverts that don't interest me, but I'll read a lot about products I do like. So, the first task becomes to identify and find e-book readers. This takes me directly to Goodreads, which is full of readers. Next challenge is how to get those readers to register my name and my books.

Last month I tried a giveaway on my Regency novel, and 1067 people entered the draw to win a copy of Love's Gamble. It cost £8 in postage to send out the copies to winners in the US and Australia, but I think that's a good return, because all those people (who are reading people!)  registered my name and my book's title and entered the draw.

So,  although I'm going to keep looking for angles and low-cost ways to advertise, I think I'll keep the giveways running until I have used up all my spare copies.

This one is for a romantic thriller. It will be interesting to see if it attracts a similar number of entries.


Mike said...

This is always an issue, advertising, that is...

I'm on my second book and I am looking for ways to advertise other than the suggestions that my publisher wants.

Anybody with creative suggestions, I'm all ears...

Louise said...

Mike, how about a signature that takes people to your book?