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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Another Unread Writer's News

It's joined the other two in their shiny wrappers. I've cancelled the direct debit - not because I'll never read a writing magazine again, but as part of the general reorganisation of finance necessary to be a student for a year.

I am absorbed in studying for the numeracy exam at the moment - making friends with Pi and areas of cylinders and other such everyday items. Terry Jones made a great programme on numbers once. They interviewed an Australian Aborigine who didn't 'do' numbers. He did 'one' and 'many' and that was it. He could name all his grandchildren, but asked how many of them he had, the reply was: 'many'. He seemed happy enough, sitting under his tree in the outback, but then, I couldn't get a visa so unless I went feral, it's not an option.

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