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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hebden Bridge Festival

Hebden Bridge is a foreign country (spot the mangled quotation). At least, it is when the sun is shining. It was full of people sitting outside enjoying themselves. NOT a sight I associate with the north of England.

I went to the library as part of the festival - for two one-to-one sessions with writers who wanted to have a romance published. It was interesting meeting the people whose work I had critiqued. Usually the reports go off by post and that's the end of it. I've had one complaint, and lots of very nice thank you letters, but the process is usually anonymous. I sometimes wonder if I'm too much of a blunt instrument. But what use is a critique if all I say is 'marvellous, darling!' Publishers always say that the book's super, but just not right for their list, but that doesn't help you know how to improve it. Both writers promised to let me know.

The organisers had laid on the most fabulous buffet - organic cakes and sunshine. Life doesn't get a lot better.

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