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Monday, 1 September 2008

How Interesting is Writing about Writing?

I don't know! But if nothing else, having a blog will help me keep track of progess.

Here's one of my romances - I think this cover captures the fun and warm feeling that I tried to create - but for whatever reason, I've decided to try something different - a horror novel. Still with a female central character, and still with a happy ending, because that's the kind of fiction I like, but my new book is going to be very different in content.
I need to rewrite the first chapter - there's too much telling and not enough showing in it. I have the main character (whose name isn't quite decided yet) tell us how horrible her parents are in a kind of voice over. My sister quite rightly, pointed out it would be better to show them being horrid and have the heroine struggle to put up with/handle them etc. I'll think about it today and have a go tomorrow.


Debs said...

I read your email on Romna and thought I'd say a quick welcome to blogland.

I only discovered blogs last October and now have a great time blogging with other writers etc.

Jen Black said...

Hi Louise!
How good that you've set up a writing blog!

Bob said...

Being on the internet with a blog almost makes someone famous!? Well done Lou. It all looks good from where I'm sitting. xx

Debbie T.H said...

Hi Louise

My first blog very exciting!

A writing partner to read your work is indeed invaluable thanks for being mine. Just about to email you a premise! Thanks in advance.

Love Debbie